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Media Edge Networks is developing the ultimate programmatic ad sales platform that combines the best of programmatic ad sales with latest streaming capabilities of video to allow for an Advertiser-to-Consumer experience unlike any other.

Media Edge Networks

Media Edge Networks is a group of streaming channels that will be a range of content specific channels such health and wellness to political, sports and lifestyle. It is an platform that takes web based sites who are ready to take the next step into OTT streaming environment.

Programmatic Ad Sales Platform

Media Edge Networks is creating a programmatic distribution platform based around the concept of single user specified advertising within the linear network stream. While streaming of network content is not a new concept, advertising specific to each individual user consuming the stream is. To take this one step further, depending on the platform the viewer is consuming the content on, this platform will allow for click through for the consumer to go directly to the product site. At the end of the action the consumer will come back to the program and pick up where they left off and continue on with the content. The three unique elements for network video streaming are:

  • Advertising specific to each individual logged on consumer.
  • Click through capability (no matter what screen content is being consumed on)
  • Return to programming capability (with DVR functionality)

This platform will be a stand-alone product to support external networks as well as Media Edge Network content.

Media Edge Consultants is looking to partner with investors for both the Programmatic Ad Sales platform and the family of OTT Network content for distribution. Please contact Dave Weiler for further information.