Our Services

Technology & Workflow Analysis

Media Edge Consultants brings deep experience in overseeing system installation and managing a variety of studio build out initiatives. As part of our service portfolio, we can reduce your risk by managing a studio project for you, broker the appropriate support, and/or consult on a number of media initiatives that are important to your business bottom line. Our expertise stems directly from creating content and building / renovating television facilities. We can help state your business case and ultimately further enhance your ROI as part of our engagement.

Efficiency is a hallmark of successful companies. Media Edge Consultants can help you find smart, effective

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ways to improve your production and media workflows. Proficient use of cutting edge technologies can help create efficiencies for your team and your bottom-line. Media Edge Consultants understands the value of your content and the editorial integrity of your prized assets. From original concept to archived storage, Media Edge Consultants will analyze and inspect your present workflow in order to streamline process, assist in updating technical systems and offer redesign workflow suggestions that will ensure improved productivity. Don’t allow your workflow to become commonplace, stifling your talent and new technologies from being implemented when necessary. Media Edge Consultants can work directly with your team to identify the most critical and impactful process points to tune up your workflow and re-fuel your supply chain!


Creative & Branding

Do you need to populate a new studio? Do you need a new logo? Does your current branding need a new direction or maybe some refreshing? Do you have an on-air or streaming product that needs packaging such as animation, graphics, original music or sound design? Our expert team has deep experience in the creation of some of the most visible animation and graphic packages currently being seen worldwide.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Logo design and animation
  • Insert and informational graphics
  • Animation packages
  • Show support graphics
  • Live-action location shoots
  • Storyboarding and render creation
  • Branding elements
  • Original music
  • Sound design

Our Media Edge team will bring years of experience to your every design / creative need……on time and on budget.


Studio & Location Set Design / Construction

From discovery to delivery, Media Edge provides full support for your studio/set environment project. We are expert at defining and servicing your needs for anything from a single desk or podium to a multi-functional environment for your studio or remote location. Our deeply experienced staff will collaborate with you throughout the process, starting with an initial discovery phase, followed by creative and technical exploration, tech drawings, bidding to scene shops, fabrication and full installation (and lighting, if needed).

Our policy at Media Edge is to deliver your project on time and on budget, to your full satisfaction.


Editorial Review and Perspective

Content is king and we at Media Edge Consultants will work with you to address your content issues.

  • Meet with Executives to discover and capture your priorities.
  • Meet with Producers, talent, production and staff to get an understanding of their priorities and concerns.
  • Get a real feel for the morale in the building and what is important to your staff.
  • Attend planning and rundown meetings.
  • Provide a presence in the control room.
  • Review and breakdown rundowns and shows.
  • Writing
  • Social Media

Are the rundowns truly catering to your audience? Is the show balanced?
We will evaluate your product, and partner with you to formulate a plan that satisfies your needs going forward.


Strategic Planning

The challenge at many companies is whether or not to initiate a project or new business venture. There can be decision stagnation or uncomfortableness with whether a decision is being made without all the necessary information. There are important questions which include: is this the appropriate business for our company to be getting into? Are the required resources available? (financial, personnel, facilities, etc) What is the return on investment, both monetarily and to our brand?

These are just a few of the key questions which come into play when deciding whether to launch a new project or business. Media Edge brings extensive background and experience to assist you with these decisions. We also can assist you in the management of your project or business for the short or long term.

We will help generate executive level discovery that focuses on project goals and scope, and how the initiative will fit into the LRP, if applicable. From there the process begins.

  • P&L development and sign-off
  • RFP for facilities and equipment (if applicable)
  • Project Management (hiring and/or development of staff and creative, editorial, production and technology resources)
  • Ad sales, branding and marketing initiatives
  • Rehearsal
  • On-air execution

If you have a new project or business initiative let Media Edge Consultants help put you on the path to success.